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Career Counselors and Advisors

Marian Moore, Career Counselor and Career Development Coordinator

Interests and Specialty:

  • Career development/counseling, career coaching, talent management, international education, entrepreneurship, and career and professional development of international faculty, scholars, and post doctorates.
  • Worked extensively with diverse populations, survivors of torture/war and other vulnerable populations. Actively engage others in the career development process, empower others to seek purposeful careers, and help others to explore and embrace their passion.

Liaison: University Honors College, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Public Health & Human Sciences, UESP, Academic Advisors (group), International Degree & Education Abroad, and Women's Center


Kyle Cassady, Career Counselor, Extended Campus

Interests and Specialty:

  • As a career counselor for Ecampus students, I provide support for career exploration and decision making. 
  • I help students identify and strengthen their values, interests, and goals, seek experiences intentionally and access university/community resources that will enhance their career development.

Liaison: Ecampus


Carolyn Killefer, Career Counselor

Interests and Specialty:

  • Collaboratively working with talented college students to support the process of career exploration and development through identifying and enhancing strengths, interests, values, and goals that make each individual "who they are" as well as what career path is right for them so they can make their aspirations a reality.
  • Worked extensively with diverse populations, trauma and mental health.

Liaison: Education, Pharmacy, Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences, Graduate School


Malia Arenth, Career Counselor

Interests and Specialty:

  • Strengths-based support and counseling for career and educational development with a focus on the individual skills, interests and passion each student brings to the table.
  • Creating personal brands and taking control of one’s work and educational identity and looking at life/career path holistically.
  • Background in writing/communication, mental health counseling, and have worked extensively with diverse populations of people experiencing life transitions, loss, trauma, and recovery. 


Jennifer Edwards, Career Advisor & Outreach Coordinator

Interests & Specialty: 

  • Advise and guide students down the diverse paths of graduate school and career/internship searches while providing them with the appropriate tools and skills necessary to be successful down these paths.
  • Additionally, coordinate Career Services outreach opportunities and manage resources.

 Liaison: Liberal Arts, International Student Advising & Services, Disability Access Services


Employee Relations




Rachel Finch, Employer Relations Assistant

Interests and Specialty:

  • Promoting employer and student collaboration and job opportunities through Career Services events and Beaver JobNet.
  • Planning and marketing for successful events like the Career Fairs and organizing job interviews and employer opportunities on campus.


Mike Mays, Administrative Program Assistant

Interests and Specialty:

Career Fair and office adminstrative support.








 Graduate Assistants


Mike Green, Graduate Assistant: College Student Services Administration

Interests & Specialty: 

  • My long term career objective, and passion, is to guide and support students as they pursue their academic and professional goals. 
  • The potential to impact students, provide support and promote different types of career development opportunities that encourage student success and leadership is very meaningful to me.
  • I have experience working with student athletes, underrepresented student population and veteran students. 
  • Additionally, I am interested in working with all students and supporting their holistic development.
  • I will work primarily with students on résumé support, cover letter writing and mock interviews.

Liaison: Athletics




Jessica Haywood, Graduate Assistant: College Student Services Administration

Interests & Specialty: 

  • Connecting OSU students with local and national employers to foster a relationship that will help prepare today’s students to compete in an ever-changing job market.
  • I work mainly with employers concerning our Orange Circle Sponsorships, Advisory Committee, Employer Newsletter, and the employer section of Beaver JobNet.

Liaison: Employers


Rebecca Schaffeld, Graduate Assistant: College Student Services Administration

Interests & Specialty:

  • Helping students discover their strengths and career interests.
  • Providing opportunities for student growth and development.

Laiaisan: Multicultural Centers




David Vasquez, Graduate Assistant: MBA  

Iterests & Specialty: 

  • Helping students to find exciting career paths by providing networking, job and internship opportunities.
  • Creating connections to bring about positive collaboration between students, the University and industry.
  • Working to market the Career Fair, Career Services and events to students and employers through traditional methods and also by exploring new technology based methods.

Liaison: Employers





Megan McGinty, Marketing Coordinator

Interests & Specialty:

  • Planning and implementing Career Fairs, seminars, speed mock interviews, and other career related events.
  • Responsible for all marketing efforts for these events as well as marketing resources and services Career Services offers.

Michael McDonald, Graphic Design Intern

Interests & Specialty:

  • Freelance design, photography, Star Trek

 Career Assistants


Adriana Aguilar 

Major: Public Health Option: Health Promotion and Health Behavior

  • I am passionate about preparing OSU students to present their best selves to employers whether that be on paper, over the phone, or in person.
  • I am also excited to find fun ways to promote and get the word out about all of the awesome resources and services that OSU Career Services has to offer!



Whitney Cordes

Major: Human Development and Family Sciences Option: Human Services 

  • My interests and passions include volunteering at non-profit organizations, hiking woodsy trails, running outdoors with my great dane/pit bull, traveling and experiencing different cultures, baking, snowmobiling, decorating on holidays and building quality relationships with people of all ages.



Erica Evans

Major: Speech Communications

  • I enjoy working with Oregon State students, specifically on resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and the overall process of acquiring a job.
  • I also enjoy giving presentations throughout campus on all of the great things we have to offer here at Career Services!
  • I love working for OSU and being a part of the OSU community.



Carly Larson

Major: Human Development and Family Sciences with an Education Double Degree

  • Resume feedback, working with people and doing various projects.



Deirdre Newton

Major: Chemistry

  • Supporting fellow OSU students in their career development, and providing fun and informational resources for everyone to use.




Zack Sperow

Major: Business Administration Emphasis: Entrepreneurship

  • I enjoy learning and watching TED talks; empowering, educating, embracing, and engaging others
  • I love to be outdoors - hiking, kayaking, swimming, boating
  • I plan on starting my first business at OSU.


Richard Thomas

Majors: Math and Physics

  • I enjoy educating peers on how to present themselves in a more professional manner to potential employers.
  • I also enjoy spending time with my friends and taking hikes with my dog, Jax.


Sydney Veenker

Major: Speech Communication

  • I love working with all students and alumni here at Oregon State University, no matter what the focus. Ranging from cover letter and resume help, to tips and advice on job and internship searches - I'm here to help you be as successful as you can be, by standing out amongst peers, and being as best prepared for whatever your future endeavors may hold.


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