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ICAN Career Development Model

Career Development Model

ICAN Development Model

The ICAN model describes a cyclical process that spirals in a positive, growth-producing direction...

ICAN Career Development Model

OSU Career Services uses a career development model that focuses on readiness for lifelong career transition. Career transition readiness is marked by an individual developing Identity, Confidence, Adaptability, and a Network, or ICAN, in order to thrive in their career.

This model identifies high calibur active engagement experiences as key to developing these outcomes, coupled with awareness of what individuals bring to the engagement experience. 

Throughout each ICAN cycle there are three components:  

  1. what individuals bring;
  2. what individuals engage in; and 
  3. what individuals take away.

For more information on the ICAN Career Model view this brief article:

The ICAN Career Development Model: A post modern framework for understanding career development

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