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The ISS reorganization resulted in various changes, one being the emergence of the unit, Integrated Learning for Social Change (ILSC).  During this period of transition, the Project Social Justice (PSJ) mentoring program is currently on hold.

About PSJ: During fall 2013 the program piloted as a nine-month mentoring program for students interested in becoming effective social change agents. The vision of the program was to develop diverse leaders dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive society.  At the end of the spring 2014 quarter, 12 mentees finished the program by completing social change projects with support from their various mentors.  Projects addressed race, class, gender, sexuality, and the interconnectedness of all of these critical issues.  Mentees successfully made ripples of positive social change, planting seeds for liberation and understanding at OSU.

Introducing -- Integrated Learning for Social Change (ILSC)

ILSC is a unit in collaboration and affiliated with the School of Language, Culture and Society within the College of Liberal Arts.  We provide experiential learning opportunities for students rooted in a commitment to civic engagement, social justice education, and student leadership development.

 As a unit, we value:

  • Experiential learning
  • Inclusive and braver spaces
  • Self-reflection and personal growth
  • Positive social change
  • Building community

Our initiatives and collaborations include:


Interested in furthering your education in social justice education?  Want to major or minor in Ethnic Studies, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or Queer Studies?  Click here for more information.

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