Prerequisite Policy

Prerequisites are established by Category II approval.

Information on prerequisite enforcement.

No prerequisites or corequisites may be deleted from or added to a course or section without an approved category II proposal. Prerequisites for a section must be in place before registration for the term begins.

If registration is not in progress, existing prereqs or coreqs may be switched from unenforced to enforced, or enforced to unenforced, without category II proposals. Prereqs may not be switched or changed once registration has begun.

All sections of a course must use the same prerequisites or corequisites that have been approved for that course except as noted below.

Departments may not add prereqs or coreqs to the section Comments field of the online Schedule of Classes except as noted below:


Blanket courses: X01 through X10 (Research and Scholarship, Independent Study, Thesis/Dissertation, Writing and Conference, Reading and Conference, Special Problems/Special Projects, Seminar, Workshop, Practicum/Clinical Experience, Internship/Work Experience)

Special Topics courses, X99: Note–there are still some courses titled “Special Topics” that do not follow the X99 numbering convention. These will be treated as X99s.

These two exceptions are handled at the section level (each CRN).

Prereqs enforced by Banner are coded at the section level in SSAPREQ.

Coreqs (Banner-enforced corequisites) are coded at the section level in SSADETL.

Prereqs and coreqs enforced after registration by the instructor or department cannot be coded at the section level in SSASECT but may be listed in the section's Comments field.

Graduate-level courses that have undergraduate prereqs are not enforced by Banner. These prereqs may be deleted without a category II. Email your request to the catalog coordinator.

When exceptions may be added:

Departments may add enforced prereqs to blanket courses and special topics course sections without Category II proposals, as long as no enrollment has occurred. Contact Scheduling.

If students have enrolled before the enforced prereqs were requested to be added to a CRN, Associate Registrar Michelle McAllaster decides to add them or not. Such changes are rarely approved.